Tim Boutle has been an ActionCOACH Franchise Partner since August 2015

1. Who has had the greatest influence on your business and why?
I grew up admiring people such as Sir John Harvey-Jones and Victor Kiam, and this reinforced my feeling that I wanted to do something different to the rest of my family, who were all employees.  I’ve always tended to warm to straight-shooters and mavericks.  A couple of weeks ago I met Gerald Ratner, another guy I admire, despite his mishaps!

2. What is the most important characteristic an Action coach must have and why?
Resilience.  Starting anything great can be tough.

3. What have you done/do you do to contribute to our shared vision of World Abundance through Business Re-Education?
It’s important to me to support my local community.  I currently sit on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and the local Business Improvement District.

4. Of the 14 points of Culture which one most resonates with you and why?
Integrity, it is most congruent with my values.

5. What’s been your toughest challenge in ActionCOACH and how did you break through it?
Communicating to business owners what is it I do and the huge value I can bring to them. I am working on it and improving all the time.

6. What’s been your proudest/most fulfilling moment in ActionCOACH?
I find the impact I make on my clients.

7. What’s your next big goal?
Silver Coach by the end of 2018.

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