Did you know the UK’s best mid-priced franchise is not a fast food or man-in-a-van franchise?

Are you looking at business franchise opportunities, rather than starting up a new business from scratch? Here are some significant statistics to help you make up your mind. Michael Gerber reveals in his bestselling book, ‘The E-myth Revisited’, that 80% of non-franchise businesses fail in the first 5 years, whereas 75% of franchise businesses succeed. Here in the UK, the stats are even more chalk and cheese, with 91% of all non franchise business opportunities failing in 10 years, according to VAT deregistration statistics. Now compare that to the annual survey of the UK’s franchising industry, which reports 97% of franchises are profitable*.

There has never been a better time to launch a coaching company…

Demand for business coaching has reached fever pitch, so your consideration for business franchise opportunities is a smart idea. According to the 2016 Global Coaching Study commissioned by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and carried out by PwC, the estimated total revenue generated by professional coaching in Western Europe was $898m in 2015 – an 8.5% increase on 2011. More than ever before, people are looking into business franchise opportunities. There is a massive demand for business coaches to help budding companies secure meaningful growth and achieve their goals.

And it isn’t hard to see why. Some of the most effective business people in recent history have used coaching to reach the top of their game. There has never been a better time to look into business franchise opportunities. As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt once remarked during an interview with Fortune: “Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is a coach, somebody who can watch what they’re doing, somebody who can […] give them perspective.” Whether it was Mark Zuckerberg being guided to his full potential by the late Steve Jobs, or former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer benefitting from the tutelage of Schmidt and current Alphabet CEO Larry Page, coaching has enabled some of the world’s brightest business leaders make the most of their growth. It is time you invested in business franchise opportunities.

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The support you’ll receive, the like-minded community you’ll be part of and the sense of fulfilment you’ll get from helping others is like no other franchise. Take a look at our January 2019 ActionCOACH Conference…

If you want to be the best, join the best business franchise opportunity

ActionCOACH has achieved multiple awards and recognition, winning The Best Mid-Priced Franchise Award (sponsored by RBS) several years in a row. There has only been one consistent winner… ActionCOACH. That’s not our only recent accolade as we also top the number one spot for Business Services Franchises in Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global Franchises. Compare the Financial Markets rates our opportunity has the best business opportunity in the UK, out of all the opportunities, not just franchise ones!


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