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 Coming out of lockdown – what do you do now?

If you have come to this page,  you are probably looking at your options for what to do with coronavirus and its affect on your business. This will even more important as it looks like we are all coming out of this pandemic.

3 Actions to take.

First suggestion: Call me if you want to talk something through. Always happy to do that.

Second Suggestion   Go to my Blog (Click here) “Coronavirus – what you should do now”

Third Suggestion   look at the events page for stuff that you can participate in Click here

And finally, Take advantage of my offer for FREE coaching for 3 months to help you through this crisis. You will get:-

  1. a planning session to work out where you can be be in 90 days and the milestone activities you must do to get there;
  2. weekly or fortnightly sessions to make you accountable for doing things, and to review and if necessary change tack;
  3. participation in  the global ActionCOACH business community which is sharing experience and good practice to manage the coronavirus issues.

              (all virtually, of course!)

Obviously I can only offer this to a limited number of businesses, so get in touch with me to see how I can help you get through this.

Why am I doing this?  Two reasons: as my contribution to helping businesses get through this difficult period; and secondly, I know that following this experience some of you will become (paying) clients.

Finally, regardless of what is going on, you probably find that there are 3 things that affect your business:

  • time (not enough, not efficient),
  • people (getting the right people on the bus and keeping them there, and in current circumstances taking advantage of government schemes to keep your workforce), and……
  • money (getting money into the business, including lead generation, converting leads to buying customers, customer retention, managing cashflow, profitability, knowing what’s going on and in current circumstances maintaining your customer base.)

It could be all three of these, or a need to focus on one or parts of them. And that is what you can expect from me – helping you identify and focus on  what you need to do, and actually doing it! The current situation can lead to paralysis, losing vision for the business, hyperactivity, and high stress levels.  As a survive and prosper specialist, I provide real insight for you to  focus on what you must do, get the most out of current circumstances, and get ready for when it all ends, which it will do.

I will challenge, inspire and educate you to sustain your business. You may be able to survive and even grow at the moment without the help of a someone like me, but it’s almost impossible to do it really effectively and also get a life!


I help business owners get through the coronavirus crisis whether you are furloughed, pivoting or have masses of work.

What I do is a bit like sports coaching – making sure you know what you want to achieve, doing the right things to get there, using the right equipment in the right way, and getting good habits. We work together over a period of time to get the results you want. Want to know more? Book an absolutely free strategy session with me today!

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