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Why do you need a business growth expert? 

If you have come to this page, the chances there is something in your business you want to manage, whether it is to consolidate your position, grow your business, or something specific.

Working with business owners, I have found that the things they need to work on fall under three categories:

  • time (not enough, not efficient),
  • people (getting the right people on the bus and keeping them there), and……
  • money (getting money into the business, including lead generation, converting leads to buying customers, customer retention, cashflow, profitability, knowing what’s going on.)

It could be all three of these, or a need to focus on one or parts of them. And that is what you can expect from me – helping you identify and focus on  what you need to do, and actually doing it! Stuff happens in business life which stops owners doing the things they should do.  As a business growth expert, I provide real insight for you to improve your businesses and grow; it is all about making it happen sensibly and sustainably.

I will challenge, inspire and educate you to really motor in your business. You may be able to grow and survive in business without the help of a someone like me, but it’s almost impossible to do it really effectively and also get a life!


I help business owners grow their businesses, focusing on time, people and money.

What I do is a bit like sports coaching – making sure you know what you want to achieve, doing the right things to get there, using the right equipment in the right way, and getting good habits. We work over a period of time to get the results you want. Want to know more? Book an absolutely free strategy session with me today!

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