This is not a philosophy lesson, so please don’t suddenly find important emails to deal with! But….in 350BC Aristotle came up with the “Principle of Causality” where he said that the universe is governed by order. For us, this is the law of cause and effect. For every effect we want, mental or physical, there is a cause or causes. So if we get more money or success in our business, we can trace it back to specific things we did. Likewise, if there are things we have but don’t want like insufficient funds or bad business outcomes, we can trace that back to specific causes.

So the message is, if you want something, do something. The Principle of Causality is entirely neutral, so it is up to you. When we repeat the same causes, we will get the same effects. We can get stuck in a cell of our own making, or liberate ourselves.

Where are you?

(I got this from Brian Tracey in his book the “Power of Self Confidence”  – although I am a fan of Aristotle – simple ideas with profound meaning).