Learn how to…

  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Keep innovating so that you stay unique
  • Keep innovating so you keep getting better
  • Stop your customers from going to the competition
  • Get out of price competition
  • Move your customers up the ‘Ladder of Loyalty’ – from Suspect all the way to Raving Fan!

Do you know how many times a customer needs to repeat-buy from you before they become profitable? You can bet it’s more than once! Do you know what causes 68% of your customers to leave and go to the competition?

“Price” is the excuse your customers give you when something else is wrong. You may think your customer service is outstanding, but only your customers know the truth. Or maybe you think that “satisfying” your customers is good enough? Well, it’s not good enough anymore.

In this fun, interactive customer service workshop, you’ll learn the answers to all these questions, and gain insight into your own business’ customer service to pinpoint exactly where you need to focus your attention. You’ll learn what it takes to become unique and stay unique, enabling you to charge what you’re really worth. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to turn your customers into your best salespeople!



  1. Come away thinking differently about how you need to service your customers.
  2. Get ahead of the competition through innovation and a proactive approach to ever-evolving customer service standards.
  3. Identify those ‘moments of truth’ during your customer’s experience which either make or break them.
  4. Make your business consistent and easy to buy, and learn about the ‘Wow’ factor.
  5. Learn the ‘5 Ways’ to increase your profits by at least 61% in the next 12 months.
  6. Move your customers up the ‘Ladder of Loyalty’.

11 Feb 2020

16.00pm to 18.00pm

from £89.00+VAT

Phoenix Crescent , Bellshill