DISC Training

Increase Sales with DISCYou may not have thought about DISC Training yet, or even be aware of its existence.  However I’ve found it to be a great tool for business owners.  So great, that I generally have all clients take the profile as I start working with them.  You might wonder what tool could be that great, and what does it do …

DISC enables owners to handle business growth

As businesses grow, the challenge you as a business owner faces also change.  It’s likely that your team grows too.  Even if your team is not an in-house team, you may have additional contractors and suppliers.  Additionally, you may be dealing with new clients and prospects who may be very different from the clients you started out with.  Navigating these new relationships doesn’t have to be a challenge.  As a business owner DISC is a great tool to better understand what makes the people in your team tick.  It’s also a great tool for understanding the differences between people, and can improve team relationships.

DISC improves sales

I’ve also written a longer blog about how DISC improves sales.  But to summarise, when it comes to selling, one size, or indeed one sales approach generally doesn’t fit all.  DISC can give you some great clues as to people who might buy quickly – who you may inadvertently ‘turn off’ with a more delicate approach.  It can also give you more information about those people who will also value a more ‘softly softly’ approach.

DISC training for you and your team.  In most businesses, to some degree, everyone is selling.  Give all your team a bit of help in developing their sales skills.

Typical learning Objectives of DISC Training

We can easily adapt our training to your requirements – in fact we always do.  However here are some common threads.

  • DISC training will enable your team to communicate better, which in turn should lead to:
    • increased sales and
    • improved professional relationships both within the team, and with clients.

By the end of DISC training:

  • Understand your behavioural style and how it affects your communications
  • Recognise the key differences in communication preferences
  • Understand how your communication style may be perceived by others.
  • Begin to adapt your communication style to get the best out of others
  • DISC to communicate more effectively in sales situations.
    • Become more effective in dealing with both internal and external customers.
    • Learn how to change your selling strategies to match a person’s behavioural preferences
    • Recognise other people’s behaviours and how to adapt to their needs.
    • Learn to listen more attentively.
Prior to DISC training:

Each person attending the training will complete a short questionnaire and receive a personalised report. There are a range of different reports.  Reports including “self” for team members, and “leadership” for owners, managers and team leaders, as well as the sales report mentioned above.  Our experience is that team members find the training valuable – they really appreciate the investment the business has made in them.

Next Steps

Pretty much every new client completes the DISC profile and goes through the report – I find it THAT valuable with most clients.

However if you’re not looking for a business coach, but are just looking for DISC training locally, that’s fine too.

We run DiSC training for leaders – so you can get the most out of your team and improve your sales skills. This could be just you, or you and your partners or managers

In addition we run DiSC for teams.  Generally this is a 1/2 day training event, the focus can vary depending on what your business wants and needs.  It could be better internal communication or DiSC for sales, so that your whole team can increase sales in your business. 

Give us a call and we’ll work out what works best for you and your team.