Are you a victim of your own success?

Before I worked with some my clients they were “victims of their own success”.  So, what do I mean by that?  How do you become a “victim of your own success?”

You are victim of your own success when you have grown your business to the point where you are busy.. too busy to take on more work, but not getting the financial results you want.  Or perhaps just working too hard.  You migth even have a team in place, but are still having to do a lot of the work.  It could be a leadership thing.. or simply a management issue.    You are too busy to stop, step back and look at the bigger picture.    Like a golfer can see their own swing, that is where I come in.   I help you make time to look at whats going on often.   Often what we see if you are stuck “doing the do”, working “in” the business – How can you spot that? your are probably doing the day-to-day activities,  you might even say “if you want it done right do it yourself”,  or perhaps you cant quite afford that extra pair of (qualified) hands to delegate to.

What do “in” and “on” mean?

Michael Gerber, in his book the E-Myth talks about the difference between working “in” your business and “on” your business.  Throughout the book, he uses a pie shop as an example.  He also uses 3 additional terms which is useful to mention: Technician, Manager and Entrepreneur.  “Making pies” is what he terms the “technician” activity of this business.  The owner who gets involved in making pies, is working “in” the business in the technician role.  Many business owners start off as the technician, and find it hard to develop the skills of manager and entrepreneur.  After-all if you’re a great pie-maker, perhaps no-one can make those pies as good as you!?

This is how you become a victim of your own success.

So you become a victim of your own success when more people hear about your great pies.  They want your great pies.  You become busy making the pies, with not enough time to recruit.  Perhaps you hired a cashier to enable you to focus on pie-making – but why would you want to recruit a pie-maker … that’s your job right?  No.  You’re the business owner.  Of course if you just want a job, then perhaps you could go make pies for another pie-shop.  None of the hassle of recruiting a team, running the finances.

Are you time poor?

In a previous post, I’ve described is time management stopping your business growth because one of the symptoms of being the technician in a business is being time poor.  Not enough time.  Not surprising if you’re doing much of the “technical” work of your business, plus doing most other things that a business owner does.  It’s a big step to transition from the technician-owner to a business owner, and often that’s the reason that clients get me on board to work with them.

Something to think about…

Are you stuck in technician mode when you want to be in running the show.. Do you want to be able to earn more money and take time off confident that the wheels will keep turning and that your team will take care of your business as well as you do?

It doesn’t have to be “pie in the sky” dream.  You CAN do what you love AND have a business that can work without you.  To continue a there….

I can show you a proven system that means you can have your “cake and eat it”.  There is a way out


Pie picture:
Huong Ho