Why To Go To Conference

I never knew just how powerful a conference would be.   In the past i have gone to conference to;

  • network,
  • get caught up on what is going on in my community
  • share learnings as well as to
  • personally develop

Get mindshift!

However, I was not prepared for the mindshift that I experienced this last weekend that came with new insight.  I always expect to come away with one or two new insights or having learnt something new.   However, at the recent Coaches Conference in Burton on Trent I experienced something much more.   And looking around the room of 240 plus of my colleagues, I was not the only one.

A friend and fellow coach was speaking on one of our core generalised principles:

Be x Do = Have

Our mind – and specifically the “voice in your head” through self talk is the most powerful “performance enhancing drug” on the planet.    Taking steps to actively control that voice, combined with visualisation 5 plus times per day is what top athletes practice.

Small tweaks ..

Listening to him speak, I saw how I could make small tweaks in what I have been doing.   Suddenly my understanding and practice went to a new level.   Everthing much clearer… and more powerful.  Something I am excited about sharing with my clients.

Why go to conference

So why go to conference?   You could be amazed at what you learn, or a new insight into something you thought you already knew.

Coming up on 4th and 5th April and the Business Excellence Forum and Awards with absolutely top speakers.  I cant tell you which speaker, or part of the event you will get huge value – even a shift in your being – but I will guarantee you will get value.

There’s still time to enter an award – why enter and award

So, even if you have never been to such an conference before.. come along.. take a look here .  If it looks like something you are going to attend get in touch and I will share with you a special discount code for having read this blog and taken action.