What are goals?


When you want to achieve something there are usually steps along the way.  Sometimes it’s the end result that’s a goal, and sometimes it can be the steps or milestones that are small goals on the way.

Little goals for survival

Most of the business owners I coach have big dreams sometime’s we’ve re-ignited their goals – sometimes they had them already.   My clients have a belief in the potential of their business, and I certainly think it’s important to have a long term vision for your business.

Have your goals shrunk?

I’ve noticed that some business owners “shrink” into survival mode.

Many years ago I personally experienced “survival mode” in one of the first businesses I set up, in Poland. I know that feeling of survival and I don’t wish to experience it again. Here is a #tip to keep your business moving.

How to set goals in business - pen and paper

TIP:  Set tiny goals

  • During times of survival “big goals” are not useful – they seem too large and too impossible. One thing that’s not often discussed is setting TINY steps.
  • Tiny but achievable goals. These are the steps that keep a business moving.
  • The important thing is to achieve these tiny goals consistently.

Semi-successful businesses often have lost sight of their big goals; of what they’re aiming for. This can hinder growth. Communication takes place whether anything is said or not.  Any lack of direction by you, the business owner will be communicated and will “contaminate” your team.

If you’re not clear and passionate about where the business is going – your team can’t get behind the vision and give 110%.

Where every you are starting from, you can’t change past decisions.  You do have choices to make, but remember:

“every journey begins with the first step”.

Take action, just small actions to keep you and your business moving forwards.  If you don’t have time to set goals, you might want to take a look at my blog:  is your time management stopping your business growth



Featured Photo Credit:by Estée Janssens on Unsplash