Free business health check with business coach Angus Lyon. Image of man in white coat with red stethascopeHave you ever wondered:

“How do I make my business healthier right now?”

As a business coach I work across industries and with businesses of different sizes.  I get to see lots of businesses, and see where things work well, and also sometimes not so well.  There are some common themes that I see where businesses could “shift up a gear” fairly easily.  And I thought I’d share some of the key areas with you.

Oh, and by the way, I have a free business healthcheck tool on line, where you can get a copy of the report for your business, but let’s take a couple of the main areas in turn.  Food for thought on this Friday afternoon 🙂

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Do you have enought time to get your work done, and do you spend enought time with your family?  If your answer is “no” here, then this is probably where you need to start.  Sometimes business owners can become a victim of their own success, bringing in more work than they can handle, not having the time to recruit effectively and quickly become over loaded!

As your local business coach, I have tools and tips to get you working “smarter” and more efficiently rather than working “longer”.  Of course there’s no magic bullet here, I can’t magic an extra day in the week or hour (or more) every day.  So we have to look at what you’re doing and make some changes.  But the good news is, actually this is an area that you can get more done pretty quickly.  Take a look at my blog:  Is lack of time management stopping your business growth, and ask me for a time audit, to see how you spend your time, so that you can make immediate changes.

Angus Lyon - Action Coach: Mastermind GroupTeam

Are your team working together for the good of the company, or are they just waiting for pay day – “passing time” whilst they wait for the weekend?  Perhaps you have a great team, but perhaps communications could sometimes be a bit slicker, or you wish they would make pro-active suggestions.

The good news it that it’s fairly easy to change the dynamics within a team, improving team relationships.  And you need to know that often “change starts from the top down” – that is the change may start with you!

As you get clearer for your vision of the business, you can do a better job of articulating that vision.  And then your team will either buy-in.  Or not.  Which may be no great loss.  Sometimes we may fear an employee leaving, but some of clients have said that quickly the person they thought were key, turned out not to be so important to the running – and actually things took a massive step forward when they left.

Getting business finances in order with coach Angus LyonMoney

Do you have budgets?  Are they stuck to?  Do you know where your sales are coming from – and do you have enough sales?  How do you price your product or service?  And recognising that many business owners just “keep doing” the same – is it time you reviewed your pricing policy?  Perhaps as your business started it was important to undercut the competition, now perhaps with a few more testimonials and references, maybe it’s time to take a look and increase your prices.  Often our attitudes to money subtly affect how we think.  It’s not so easy to regognise our values around money and how it might be limiting our business success.  What about walking round with £1000 in your wallet for a couple of weeks.  Do it.  See what happens, and what thoughts or actions it triggers.

Business Systems with Coach Angus LyonSystems

Do you have systems in place?  This could be as simple as a plan for growth, right through to ensuring your team members have written roles and responsibilities, and performance measures and feedback.   Your stock forecast is managed, you have an effective accounts department collecting debts and paying bills as well as having a dashboard to enable you to track the big picture rather than the detail.  For ongoing growth these systems need to be in place.  Not too structured at first, they will grow as your busines grows.  But they enable you to deliver a consistently great experience to your customer, with minimal effort.


There are 4 areas that you can make some immediate changes in your business to enable you to have more time, a more effective team, bringing in more money with less stress.

  1. Time
  2. Team
  3. Money
  4. Systems

You are welcome to take my free business healthcheck tool, and we can discuss the results and how you make your  business healthier and grow your business!

Alternately, contact me for your complementary coaching session – I recognise that not “one size does not fit all” , and that not all businesses are the same.  Therefore, I’m willing to spend some time understanding your busines and giving you value from the coaching session. You will walk away with ideas to grow your business.

The free coaching session is without obligation.  Business coaching is not for everyone, the business owner has to be open minded and growth orientated.  But by the end of the session you’ll have some ideas for YOUR business, as well as a better idea of what a coach does.  Thus you’ll will be able to recommend me as a business coach in the future, and visa versa!



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