Hi, this is just a real quick update from me.  I’ve just come out of a client meeting – and I’m soon going into my next one.  And one thought that I want to get onto paper is about the importance of the Entrepreneureal Journey, or the Entrepreneur Ladder.

Most people start a business doing something they love, and become the “technician” business owner.  I’ve blogged before (Are you a victim of your own success) about the difference between the “hats” of “entrepreneur”, “manager” and “technician”.

Today I’d quickly like to jot a few words about the journey from “self employed” to “entrepreneur”.  Sometimes self employed business owners are quite happy accepting that they’ve “replaced their salary” through business ownership.

The Entrepreneural Trigger

There are however business owners who know that there is something bigger out there.  This awareness is probably there all the time, although sometimes there is a little “prompt” to bring it to the front of mind.

This “trigger” causes the status quo to change.  The trigger can be just an internal feeling or it could be an external trigger, perhaps seeing a friend achieve success (which, by the way is why group coaching can be such a good idea) or it could be related to a change in financial situation.  In some ways it doesn’t matter what causes the trigger – it’s what you do with the feeling of wanting more.  It’s been described as the feeling of rolling ones sleeves up ready to get stuck in.

When this trigger happens, it can bring feelings of frustration and disappointment.  Because with it comes the realisation that your “business” could be doing so much more.  That you’ve been in “business” all these years, and you’ve still got steps to go. Have you been learning throughout your time in business – or have you repeated the same year multiple times?

If this realisation, along with feelings of frustration happens to you, be gentle.  Get focused and take action. If you want to talk this through, or your next steps, call me.  I’m really happy to have a no obligation chat!  Honestly.

My one suggestion is that you develop a clear direction (which may change).  But as you mount your horse and go galloping off at full speed – it’s useful to know where you’re heading – even if at the first staging post you pause for refreshment and decide on a different direction.

The Entrepreneural Ladder

In last Friday’s blog, I gave 5 tips for successful outsourcing, and I touched on developing your skills to take on more high value work.  As you advance from self employed (emplyoing self), you’ll have some form of team, and thus become the “manager” of your team.  Whether your team is  in-house or outsourced, no doubt you’ll be learning new skills of running the team.   If you decide there are things to keep in house, you may want to invest 2 mins and look at ways to save time in your Recruitment Process

And as part of businsess coaching – I also offer a personal 1 day alignment workshop as well as a (typically group) planning workshop.  Call me, I’m really happy to have a no obligation chat!  Honestly.



Luis Vidal