I was pondering finding trusted trades at the weekend.  A friend who lives in North London came to visit and she wanted some decorating done.  However she was really aprehensive about letting someone into her flat whilst she was out at work.

When I worked in the corporate world, finding trusted trades wasn’t straightforward.  Of course, now it’s getting easier with “apps” like Ratedpeople.com and FindATrade.com and CheckATrade.com to name a couple.

However many of us ♥ love ♥ a personal recommendation.

The responsibily of business owners

The chance conversation with our friend got me thinking about the importance of groups where trades and business services meet.  And why it’s important for you to get to know EVERYONE in the room and really understanding each other’s business.  Sadly it’s too easy to “dismiss” another business as not being relevant to your business, and thus not invest the time in getting to know someone.

Get the buzz

I encourage you to get to know more people in your networking groups – while it is nice (and comfortable) to catch up with a friendly face; take some time to meet some new people.  You will find there is a certain buzz when you can make a referral which is benefitial to both parties.  Whether it’s an accountant recommending the decorator, or the kitchen fitter making an introduction to the financial advisor.

And as your local business coach I love finding out about your business, I enjoy networking (you may have read my previous blog on The Value of Networking.)  but I also enjoy making referrals.  So if you are looking for a business who …. – give me a shout!  But I digress.

In conclusion:

Corporate Employees

If you are in the corporate world looking for a trusted trade, if you’re not lucky enough to know a trades personally, you might investigate your local BNI group.  They typically have a list of members, which usually includes trades and business services.  These guys meet every week for breakfast, networking and passing referrals.  BNI members have been vetted, and they meet weekly so they’re likely to be trustworthy.   You’d probably be made welcome if you wanted to visit.


If you’re a tradesperson – don’t underestimate the power of the group.  Whilst it’s fairly obvious that the builder will pass jobs to the electrician and plumber … take the time to get to know some of the business services in the group.

Business Services

Of course the same goes for business services – get to know the trades in the room.  Whilst you may not immediatly see how you might pass on work – the more you know the more you’ll be primed to see opportunities



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