Business improvement requires change.

Change in the way you do things, and perhaps changes to the way your team does things.

You’re probably aware that not everyone is “up for” change.

For some people, change can be a bit scary.  I have a couple of activities to highlight the effects of change that I use in our change management workshops.

How up for change are YOU?

First let’s take a reallly simple one – but you have to promise me to follow along and do the actions ….

It will only take about 30 seconds, but hopefully it will give you some insight as to how to handle change as a leader in your business.

Agreed?  Yes.  Great!

OK!  First cross your arms.

You agreed …. I promise this won’t hurt.  I know I can’t actually SEE you – but I promise you will get a bit more out of this blog if you follow along.  So go on, cross your arms, any way you like.

Great!  Well done.  No prizes so far.  But keep going …

Now cross your arms the other way.

Pause here.

Some people can do this easily, others inadvertanly go back to the same old way of crossing arms.  For many the feeling is just a bit “odd”.  It’s not our usual or habitual way of crossing our arms.

And wait ….

Did I say uncross them yet?

Most people can’t wait to REVERT TO THEIR HABITUAL ways of doing things!

OK so that’s really the point of this blog.  It’s about even in simple aspects of business and it’s all too easy to revert to old ways of doing things.  You’re the leader and have committed to make change, but you have to find ways to “catch yourself” when you revert.  It’s wise to get the whole team on board with changes.  As you’ve seen, sometimes change can just feel, a bit awkward.  For your team … often change can be seen as a loss.  I will write another blog on that as I have another activity to talk you through!

If you’d like to discuss making business improvements, and have support to embed some of the changes, I’m really happy to have a free no-obligation call.

Photo Credits

Photo of man with arms crossed by Paul Schafer on Unsplash
Neon sign photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash