Practical Tip:  For meetings out of the office or deliveries


If you haven’t seen the app What3Words, then download it and read on.  It’s a really useful app that will increase your productivity.

The Problem

Yesterday I had a meeting with one of my clients and a specialist lawyer.  My client is  in the process of setting up a Social Enterprise.

The three of us were due to meet at Eight Club in London. Only after arriving at Club Eight, did I realise that these are two different establishments.  They have similar names in fairly close proximity.  Although I arrived initially at the wrong location, I was early, and realised my error – and was able to go to the correct venue – and attend a very productive meeting.  

However this was not the first time I’ve encountered this problem of not finding the right place. 

Has this ever happened to you?

Perhaps you have experienced similar problems.  Perhaps where a postcode pointed to an area too large to pinpoint the exact location.  Or maybe your office is on a large industrial site, which is fairly easy to find the area – but not so easy for your clients to find your unit?

Delighted to say – I found THE solution.  It’s been described as “The App That Could Save Your Life” – but I think it belies the really practical use of setting up meetings, or arranging deliveries when the address is not clear (perhaps the postcode points to a too large area, or the specific building or multiple entrances mean it can be a bit hard to find).

The Solution

There’s a little App out there called What3Words.  The entire planet has been divided up into 3m x 3m squares, each square has been given a unique 3 word combination.  So you can pinpoint your exact location.  If you’re meeting a client  – you can ask for the exact location, whether their office (on a gnarly business park, or a tangled knot of offices), a “Starbucks) or their home.  

This free app is too good not to share.  After all – your time is valuable – make sure you get to the right place first time too!


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