First impressions.  For new prospects.  They matter. Yes. really.

Create consistent first impressions on social mediaYou know that your business delivers value. Your existing clients know that your business delivers value.  But what about new prospects?  Of course there is value in creating case studies and showing examples of your work.  But let’s say they find your website or even from a referral give you a call, what are their first impressions?

You might wonder what’s prompted this blog – thanks for wondering.  Here goes on a super quick explanation.  Recently my wife, Suzanne has been doing some work with a range of new business clients.  One of the things she said to me was:

Why do some businesses make it so hard to contact them?

I asked her what she meant by that, and she said something along the lines of “I phoned the number, it was a generic answerphone message, that didn’t even say the company name.  It forwarded to a voicemail – that again was the pre-recorded one, not personalised in any way – I wasn’t sure that I had phoned the right number, so I was reluctant to leave a message”.


Smartphone with contact app open. Do your apps leave the right first impressions. Your photo or your business icon?

Who else might be calling you who is reluctant to leave a message?  A prospect, perhaps someone you’ve been hoping would call!  They do call – but for some reason the phone doesn’t get answered – but goes to voicemail.

Of course it’s easy (or lazy?) to leave the professional sounding voicemail of your telecom provider – but does it tell the caller:

  • that you’re human
  • they’ve reached the right number
  • that you will call them back
  • that you regularly listen to your messages

In today’s world, people have more choice than ever in how to contact people.  My wife loves WhatsApp, in her office she gets a better network connection than mobile phone signal – and she likes that messages on WhatsApp are shorter than email (I’m not sure how professional her photo is – but hopefully it is recognisable).

Here are 4 tips for business first impressions – no, they’re not rocket science …. but take 5 minutes and check out yours …

Making good first impressions is not rocket science

  1. Ensure your business voicemail includes your business name
  2. If you use your mobile for business, then ensure you have a picture (professional photo or logo)
  3. Take a moment to listen to your mobile voicemail – and update if necessary
  4. Do your social media profiles show “consistency”?  If I find your business on Linkedin / Facebook / Instagram – will I be able to recognise it from your logo?

Sure some of this could be “nice to have”, but if on a first impression your prospect is left wondering if they have the right number … right, let me check on this stuff for me 🙂


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Business Coach
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