Are you too busy to get a business coach?

Too busy is busy, and being busy is good, right?

It certainly can be great to have loads of clients paying you on time.  And you don’t want that to stop.   BUT …..

Could your busy-ness be STOPPING your business growth?

Ask yourself some business questions:

  • How do you grow if you’re too busy doing what you’re currently doing?
  • Without doing something different, how will your business get any bigger?
  • How do you put systems in place to ensure you’re not taking too much time to do the same old thing.
  • When do you get the time to figure out what to outsource so you don’t have to do the bits of your business that you don’t really enjoy, or that you’re over skilled at.
  • Are you taking time to do “learning” to give you ideas to grow your business?

What about your family?

  • What impact does your “busy-ness” have on them?
  • Are you missing some of their significant events (first day at school / birthdays / graduation)

What about your health?

  • Are you doing the exercise you would like to, to maintain / improve your health?

Of course

It is counter intuitive but you have to stop.  Just for a moment.  Take stock.

One simple action is to take some time to stop being reactive.  To NOT answer the phone when it rings, but to schedule some time (perhaps up to 4 times a day) where you proactively respond to calls.  During the time when your phone is switched to silent you can “power through” your to-do lists.  By being more effective with the time you have you will get more done.  I have lots of tips for business owners who find themselves a bit too busy.  Often they tell themselves that “after X, I’ll have more time”.  The X could be “The Summer” or “This Job” or “Christmas” … but I reckon for most people another “priority” pops up, which could be great, it keeps you busy – but perhaps stops your business growth.

If you want to stop the cycle, and do something different: get more time AND grow your business.  Give me, Angus Lyon your Business Coach a call on 07973 288043



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