How will the coronavirus affect your business?

Times they are a changing.  ~ Bob Dylan

With the Coronavirus – times have changed.  Perhaps forever.  As business owners we have to adapt.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.  ~ Charles Darwin

Stay well, stay healthy – take care of what toxins you put in your body (whether unhealthy amounts of news or too many vices).  This blog is about the coronavirus in business.

Some businesses are going to boom over the next couple of months, some businesses may not be in business – or at least the same business in a couple of months.  Your business may be fortunate enough to have significant cash reserves to weather the next couple of months.  You might describe it as “weathering the storm”.

I came across this Chinese proverb yesterday:

When the winds of change are blowing some build a shelter, others build a windmill.

I also came across the quote about change being the enemy of the competent.

… change is the enemy of the competent as it re-defines the safe place within which the competent dwell

Think about this.  If you are GOOD / COMPETENT at what you do – the more likely you will be resistant to change.

How resistant to change are you?

Let’s be clear, the fabric of business is changing – and for many CHANGE is uncomfortable.  Try this.  Cross your arms for a moment.

Yes, you – cross your arms.  This won’t hurt.

Look down, and now change the way your crossing them.

Most people don’t feel “comfortable” with change and often at the first opportunity revert back to crossing their arms the other way.

Change will happen in your business.  Are you ready?

Now consider the changes that your business may be going through – or have to go through.  Whether you’re an IT or cleaning business “scaling up” or a pub or restaurant where the government has suggested that people avoid.   Many of us have been in a bit of “denial” (not a river in Egypt).

But we have to move on, accept the current reality and make plans for getting us through the next 90 days.

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