Waiting in a queue for a coffee is no longer “a thing” (for the moment at least).  But that pause gives you a very important “micro break” which you might not be getting right now.  Read on to find out why it’s good for your mental well-being and find some tips to get these micro-breaks.

In a previous post I wrote about Time Stress – that right now the pace of life is being experienced very differently for people, whether you’re full on running or re-imagining your business.  Or perhaps “full on” keeping kids doing school at home! Or perhaps with no gyms open you’re binging on boxed sets.

Being “on” all the time

The likelihood is that you’re working at a “full on” pace.  Constantly “on” – with no time in the car, no waiting at traffic lights.  So what can you do?

In writing, a sentence needs a full stop for the meaning to become apparent.  We need micro-breaks.

Without a full stop a sentence just becomes a jumble of words that run into each other not giving the reader any clues as to where to take a breath and thus just continues butatleastthatisbetterthannotevenhavingaspace!

The full stop in a sentence is equivalent to a “micro-break”.  Important for our mental health and well-being.

We used to get those breaks travelling to clients or our office, or even in the Starbucks queue.  The chances are we’re not getting those micro-breaks?


Suggestions to give you a micro break:

  • BREATHING – deep breathing for 90 seconds (count to 5 whilst breathing in, 5 out, repeat 9 times)
  • LOOK AT THE RHUBARB – in our previous house our rhubarb was planted at the bottom of our garden.  Before we moved house – which is now 4 years ago – when Suzanne (my wife) noticed I was looking a bit stressed – she’d encourage me to go and look at my favourite plant in the garden – the rhubarb.

Also think about how you close your work day?  Do you need to “get changed” out of your work clothes, or to do some ritual to close down your computer at the end of the day?

Of course – having a sense of control over your business will help, finally getting to grips with things like cash flow can really reduce your stress – so if you want to talk through what’s going on – give me a call.  Really – I’m offering our first call for free 🙂

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