Your intuition and ideas don’t stop just because we’re in these strange (lockdown) times.  No doubt you’ve heard phrases such as: 

“Necessity is the mother of invention”


“Creativity loves limits”

So just because the whole country seems at a stand-still, your brain and your intuition might be going into overdrive with lots of ideas!

Are your ideas useful?

A tonne of ideas can be great – but it’s also finding time to capture them, and evolve them as well as “direct” to give you ideas around something useful – and to know that a weird and wacky insight might turn into something useful.

  1. ideas that you can use
  2. somewhere to write them down
  3. deciding which ideas to use

Ideas that you can use

There are lots of examples of creativity out there – but one that sticks in my mind for being slightly weird, is from the inventor of the sewing machine needle.

I’ve read somewhere that the creator woke up dreaming of spear throwing warriors.  The spears had holes in the end.  Perhaps it was no more than a strange dream.

A strange dream, perhaps – but he had been searching for how to thread the needle in his “new fangled automatic sewing machine” and the dream gave him the idea of putting the hole (to thread the cotton) in the point of the needle, rather than at the opposite end – which is the traditional way of sewing.

The creator of the sewing machine had a problem – and his dream gave him a solution.

Ask yourself a question before bed

If you have a problem that you would like an answer to – then something that works well for me is to ask myself for the solution before I go to bed – to allow my subconscious to “work on it” whilst I’m asleep.

Have somewhere to record your ideas

If you’re one of these people who have ideas in the shower – be sure to have somewhere you can record your ideas.  Your ever present mobile phone might be the main way you capture your ideas normally – but that won’t work in the shower!

One of the reasons that people often have ideas in the shower is that the brain has a chance to “just be”.  Einstein famously dallied with his brain waves to “manufacture” his creativity.  He set up the conditions to have a doze, but with a tray of marbles balanced on his lap.  If he actually fell asleep – the tray would fall, making a loud clatter – and he would wake again and be able to “engineer” the exact point where the subconscious “kicks in”.

Create space in your life for having ideas

You might not want to go to the same extent as Einstein with his tray of marbles.  But consider making space and calm in your life for your intuition, for ideas, for solutions.

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