The slow exit way out of the lockdown

The doors have opened a crack.  There are plans for a slow exit from Coronavirus lockdown.  There’s some confusion as to whether the door is open or closed, when really it is just ajar.  Let’s let others debate the nuances whilst we focus on what we can control: getting our business(es) ready for restart, and the slow exit from lockdown.

Online is booming

If you have the option to sell your product or servie online – this is the time to invest to make it internet ready.  Although there is an expression “Build it and they will come” if no-one knows that you are out there – they can’t come and find you!!  A fudge company who just thought they would sell their stocks on-line (they normally sell at farmer’s markets).  Not only did they sell all their stock – but there was a demand for more.  Boom!  Business restarted!

Last weekend, my wife searched for a local pizza delivery for a family birthday (no yeast to make our own).  She looked at a local website called Lockdown Life – which predominantly recommends local food services.  But she was unable to find a pizza that “wowed” her.  We decided on a BBQ for to celebrate the family birthday – and “of course” several days later through a recommendation she found a good looking pizza delivery kit.  We’re looking forward to enjoying pizza next weekend.  The point being she could’t find what she was looking for.  And let me tell you – she’s normally demon with a search engine!

Anyway, I digress.

How ready is your business?

How well can you market online?  Think about the new systems you will need – not just to protect staff and customers, but systems that enable you to deliver a quality repeatable service.  #InThisTogether

I’m offering #FREE business coaching – I have a couple of times available for free each week.  Of course no one needs a business coach, but if you want to talk through how your business moves forward, if you’d like to take some worry away, to sleep better, to feel excited by the future.  Send me a text – and let’s get something booked in: 07973 288 043


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