This blog gives you 3 of my sales tips.  Despite what the media would have us believe, people in many sectors, are still buying.  Perhaps not in the same way as before.

Even when I look at our supermarket shop – because we’re not a vulnerable group, our weekly supermarket delivery has stopped.  We have made changes and now support local shops more than ever before.  I’m not sure that the supermarket will be able to “woo” us back quickly.

As people experience change in one aspect of their life – they may be more ready to accept change in other areas.  This is good news for you, as it might mean that your prospective customers are more ready than they’ve ever been to buy from you.  Here are 3 sales tips for increasing your prospects … and thus increasing sales.

Know your ideal customer

My first tip is to know your ideal customer.  By the way, by ideal – I don’t mean a non existant “fantasy customer”.  You probably have a few ideal customers (and perhaps some who are not so ideal – but that’s a blog for another day).  Have a good think about them.  Take a few minutes to jot down what you know about them, what they have in common, any differences.  It’s too easy to say “everyone is a possible customer” – but really this won’t help you in getting your marketing “targeted”.

What’s their pain?

Once you’ve had a think about who they are, take a moment to think about what their “pain” is.  What is the problem that your product or service solves.  How might THEY describe it?  It might be different to how you describe it.  Perhaps you can ask a couple of existing customers.

What do they get AFTER working with you?

In old fashioned “sales speak” this is often called the BENEFIT (of buying your product or service).  But take the benefit a step further … ask yourself “so what?” … or “what does this REALLY give them” … it will probably be 2 steps removed from some of the “jargon” we are prone to use.  Again, have a think about what they say about your product or service.  Listen out for what they actually say – not what you expect them to say.  It could be that they get a good night’s sleep as they’re not worrying about the problem any more.

Are you up for change?

If you fancy a good night sleep – and want to talk through your business – a first step is to call me – I’m still offering a couple of complementary coaching sessions each week.

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