Every business is different and each has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges. Working with a business coach provides individually tailored support and expertise that is designed to help a business develop with respect to specific goals or objectives. This not only helps to ensure the enterprise meets its targets but also builds confidence and versatility that can enable a business to truly evolve.

Working with a business coach – getting started

Business can be a lonely and stressful place and it’s very easy to lose sight of goals and for corporate direction to veer off course. A business coach is an objective presence able to gain a better understanding of an individual enterprise so as to help identify the best way forward given the needs, goals, preferences and values of the business. Coaching can support the development of greater confidence in a business owner and identify new opportunities for ongoing development and success.

The benefits of business coaching

• Bespoke to an individual business. Coaches work within the language, goals and culture of a specific organisation. Strategy and objectives are designed in a way that is bespoke to the business and in language that makes sense to it, providing a plan that is individually tailored, better aligned and easier to implement.
• Specific expertise. Different coaches have a different style and bring a specific set of skills to the table – finding a coach who is a good fit for your business can be game changing.
• A wealth of experience. One of the major benefits of working with a business coach is the perspective and advice that is provided, drawn from many years in the business world. This may be with businesses similar to yours in size, sector or objectives – in terms of transformation or growth this insight can be invaluable.
• Supporting and challenging. A business coach is there to provide support and share ideas but also to challenge plans or intentions that could prove damaging for the business or cause it to stray off course.

What can you achieve with a business coach?

• Greater clarity. A coach can help a business owner to identify ambitions and be clearer about ideas and emotions surrounding the enterprise.
• Choosing the right path. As well as helping to identify all of the available choices for going forward, a business coach will also be able to provide guidance on assessing these options and support your business in choosing the right path.
• Strategy and planning. Strategy and goals are designed for the individual business and are reasonable, relevant and achievable. A coach can work with you to advance and evolve these on an ongoing basis.
• Accountability and review. Involving a coach in your business introduces a sense of accountability when it comes to progress and achieving goals. It will also provide a way to assess what has been achieved and where changes could be made going forward.

Working with a business coach can support the growth and development of your enterprise in many different ways. From clarifying your own goals and vision to regularly reviewing the progress that the business makes there are many good reasons to bring this type of support on board.