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Ceri is a business coach, specialising in working with SME business owners in Cheshire and Manchester. In sport, all teams and top athletes have coaches that inspire, drive and help deliver enhanced performance. Ceri’s perspective is clear – the only two outputs of a business coaching relationship is motivation for the business owner and enhanced business performance to give the business owner what they want from life.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Ceri has had a 30 year career in both large and small businesses, holds an MBA specialising in marketing, ten years in consultancy including five years in organisational capability development with multinationals, as well as roles as an innovation director for a global health network and COO for a specialist content marketing platform.

My mission as a coach is to enable business owners to take control of their business.

“Time is money” as they say, yet so many business owners are working 80 hour weeks to be able to afford to pay their staff to do 40 hour weeks. We can find a better way…

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Across the UK, hundreds of ActionCOACH clients have provided video testimonials explaining the profound effect that our system has had on their businesses (and themselves). These are real people, getting real results from the huge range of systems, strategies, tips, tools and checklists that ActionCOACH can use to boost your business growth.