A Highly Effective Business Education Club For Success-Minded & Motivated entrepreneurs!

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ProfitCLUB is a business education club where business owners can interact with their peers at networking events and build strategic alliances.

Share in the successful ideas and energy that that being part of a group of like minded, proactive business owners, like yourself.

ProfitCLUB is fortnightly group coaching delivered via zoom over a 90 minute session.  Each session combines coaching, planning, accountability and action steps that will drive improved results for you and your business.

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What we’ll cover

  • Develop a positive and resilient mindset
  • Set clear goals for yourself and your business
  • Create a compelling business plan each quarter to keep you on track
  • Choose predictive key performance indicators that will keep you on track
  • Build a marketing machine that delivers high-quality leads at optimum ROI
  • Create a tailored Sales funnel that increases your conversion rates
  • The 5 Ways to deliver 46% profit growth year on year
  • Build your business with a high-valuation sale price in mind
  • Recruit the right team members – and which ones to recruit first
  • Develop a full understanding of business finance

31 Dec - 31 Dec 2022

09.00am to 09.00am