Marketing is complicated, but it doesn’t need to be hard. One of the things I’m noticing is businesses not getting straight to the point in their marketing efforts. Sure, marketing should be value based and nurturing; but down the line you have to do four words: Get To The Point!

An article I came across on LinkedIn outlined this brilliantly and I wanted to share this with my network today.

The article outlined a number of things that need to be covered- the bottom line though, if you cant explain your business and what you offer in just a few minutes; you have a problem!

What is the problem you solve?

Every business solves a problem or covers a need. What it is you do needs to be made abundantly clear to everyone you market to. Take the prospect through a journey, sell that story!

If you aren’t clear about exactly what problem you solve- then it’s back to the drawing board.

How big is that problem?

Whilst every business solves a problem, the next question is how big is that problem? If the problem isn’t large enough to warrant the cost of your service; again, you’re going to struggle. Your marketing must demonstrate the size of the problem in order to justify your service.

Why should I care about the problem you solve?

Now here is the big one. There is a problem, your business solves it, it is a sizeable problem- now tell everyone why they should care. Create an airtight emotional and logical case for prospects and selling is made easy. Fail to create an airtight case and you’re struggling.

What traction have you had?

Show your prospects the results, if they’re good enough… They’ll do the talking from then on. It can really be that simple.

Results talk!

I attach the article at the bottom, there are a number of other points that are worth noting.