Helping great Business owners grow their wealth and freedom by providing a clear Action Plan and guidance to get YOU results

I find it really exciting when I help fellow business owners to grow and improve their businesses, which really means … more profit. I do this by applying my experience and learnings gained from working in the privately owned commercial sector, both in the UK and overseas. I worked for many years as Commercial Director and Arbitrator, and have run my own successful businesses for more than a decade.


I’m passionate about PROFIT. Let’s be honest – that’s really what it all comes down to.

The three great things I do for my clients that increase their profits:

Planning – start with a plan that identifies their required profits.
Education – transfer the knowledge and tools to get their required results.
Execution – ensure they take the actions to make their plan a reality.

An introduction to ActionCOACH Solent covering who we are and what we do.

ActionCOACH Solent

Operating from our bespoke training and coaching facility in Southampton, Hampshire, at ActionCOACH Solent we offer business coaching, training, mentoring, advice and support to a wide range of businesses, from small owner-managed organisations to multi-million pound companies with large management teams, and from start-ups to businesses being prepared for sale.

Our passion is helping business owners to have better lives by being more successful, making more money and having more time to spend it! But it isn’t all about the money. A key part of the work we do with our clients is helping them to clarify their dreams and goals for the future and make a plan to achieve those dreams and goals, whatever they may be.

We invite you to come along to one of our events and see how being a part of the Action community can benefit you and your business.

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