Because a business should give you more life

Daniela is a focused and driven Business Coach and a travel and tourism industry expert with over 25 years’ experience working internationally.

The core objective of Daniela’s work as a business coach is to get you greater results from your business. Creating profitable companies which perform to their shareholders, customers and employees’ satisfaction.

For Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), growth is the natural direction but they usually experience a pattern of growth followed by plateau, growth then plateau again. In addition, the business sometimes experiences setbacks, when an attempt to reach the next step results in a nasty fall. This is usually when a period of growth has been launched into without proper planning, resulting in a business that cannot cope in its new environment or with its new structure.

When your business is structured and has been planned for, it means you have systems in place so it runs efficiently and your product delivery is consistent. When your team members are not constantly knocking at your door, it means they know what they are doing, you have given them a clear direction and they have been empowered to go on with their job. When your customers keep coming back and are raving fans, it means you have the right marketing and selling strategies in place and your revenue continues to grow.

A stable, profitable business can provide you with the life you want for yourself and your family.

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The previous year before ActionCOACH we were making just over £400K gross profit and this year, having just finalised the accounts, we just finished at £750K, so a massive increase, we went from a £1.5M turnover company to a £2.5M turnover company. The great thing about ActionCOACH is that there is an infrastructure, a methodology, there are tools, there are things that have demonstrated to work over and over again with lots of businesses; and then there are things we think we know and are blindly obvious but we still don’t do them so one of the greatest things of working with an ActionCOACH is that they make you focus on stuff that actually makes a positive difference to your business.