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Are you too busy to grow your own business?


If the answer is yes then let me help you find a solution. As the owner it can be a real challenge to lift yourself out of your business. Which is probably what you should be doing. It really is the only way to create an effective plan that will make you even more successful.


How do you know if you require extra support?


Managing the day to day activities within your company can leave you with very little time for business development. You may feel like you’re firefighting each and every day. Perhaps you are a new start-up and are unsure how to create a business plan.


Which is why it may be of comfort to know that many business owners find themselves in the same situation. Where to turn and who to talk to is never an easy decision. You need to be sure the individual is knowledgeable. Able to ask the right questions and provide the necessary focus.


Garry Crosby has over 35 years’ leadership and management experience. As a member of the Royal Air Force he was responsible for nearly 200 people. During a period of significant change, he and the team were integral in delivering a complex transformation programme.


He then moved into industry and worked internationally on airborne and space systems. Leading the sales, marketing and planning functions. He worked at a strategic and implementational level.


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The building blocks for business growth


The ActionCoach system has a proven track record for business growth. A simple business process for you to follow with a series of strategies and systems. Garry will facilitate which areas you specifically need to focus your efforts. If these are applied correctly then you are guaranteed results.


As part of this process there are 3 core areas. These are designed to ensure you develop a business growth strategy that is right for you.


Giving you time back in your hands


This is all about lifting you out of the day to day activities so you can start growing your business. That might sound a bit alarming. But you will learn how to increase your efficiency levels, save money and get more out of your business in less time.


Build the right team for your business


You can’t run a business on your own. Building a good team is the key to success. Which means you need to attract the right people and identify the leaders you already have in your business. Once you have done this you need to get everyone working together towards a common goal.


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Secure your sales and improve cashflow


This can often be an uncomfortable area for business owners. To put a spotlight on your numbers can be a bit of a reality check. What does your balance sheet look like? What are your cashflow challenges? How much profit do you make? For many these are tough questions to answer which is why additional support can be really helpful.


Garry will guide your through the process in each of these areas. The output will be a 90-day business plan that you have built together. This will be the basis of your initial focus. It is visible so you can check on progress and actionable in terms of detailing key tasks. But most important, it will be measurable so you can track results.


You decide on the right level of engagement


Not everybody works in the same way. Some of us benefit from group interactions while others prefer more of a one-to-one approach. Which is why ActionCoach have a number of coaching packages. You can choose the one that will suit you the best.



Format:           Planning workshop

Frequency:      4 times a year or once a quarter

Aimed at:        Business owners who want to create a plan and be accountable to their peers for delivery


Format:           Group coaching programme

Frequency:      Twice a month

Aimed at:        Business owners who want to focus on each area of their business and draw on the shared experiences in the group

One-to-one Coaching

Format:           Individual, bespoke coaching sessions

Frequency:      You decide, once a week, every fortnight or once a month

Aimed:             Business owners who purely want to focus on their objectives to get clarity, structure and accountability


Format:           Business education in a relaxed social setting

Frequency:      Once a month

Aimed:             Like-minded business owners who are interested in expanding their business knowledge through books and conversation

Garry also offers a series of ‘taster’ sessions for his style of business coaching. You are welcome to attend one of these. Why not come along and see if this is something that could be of real benefit to your business. If you want more details get in touch with Garry today.


You have my personal guarantee

This is the part where I will offer you a guarantee. It’s not an easy decision to accept you need help from a business coach. But I genuinely believe in the ActionCoach system and have seen the results at first-hand.

Which is why I offer a guarantee to all my clients. This is for anybody who invests in one of my coaching programmes and completes the actions we agree. The result will be an increase in your gross profits that will be more than you pay for me. If that doesn’t happen then I will continue to coach you for free until it does.

Why not get started now?


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My No.1 Focus is YOU and Your Business

Coaching means working together to boost your business. We work to achieve your goals, using systems and strategies we pick from the ActionCOACH system. My entire focus is on helping you to achieve your ambitions for your business; everything we do together will move you closer to your business and personal goals.

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ActionCOACH's Proven System for Business Growth

You don’t have to take my word for it! Across the UK, hundreds of ActionCOACH clients have provided video testimonials explaining the profound effect that our system has had on their businesses (and themselves). These are real people, getting real results from the huge range of systems, strategies, tips, tools and checklists that ActionCOACH can use to boost your business growth.

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