ProfitCLUB is a group workshop for businesses that want to grow. 

The group is led by an experience growth specialist and business coach. and meets once a month, in person and once a month via webinar.

The focus is on learning, sharing, planning, networking and growing together.

It is informal, friendly but focused.

Membership benefits:  Each year you will have:

¨ 4 days of quarterly short term planning.

¨ 12 evening meets: networking, support, resourcing, mentoring and coaching.

¨ 12 online “business growth” sessions from financials to marketing, sales and team.

¨ Online resources, guides, videos and spreadsheets to help grow your business.

¨ Full business assessment –  strengths and areas for development.


23 Aug 2018

18.00pm to 19.30pm