Is there a stone in your shoe?

I think most of us have at some time or another had that experience where we are in a bit of a rush to get somewhere but there is a small stone in one of our shoes.  Because of the rush there isn’t really time to stop and take the shoe off to tip the stone out, so what we do instead is we adapt our walking style to accommodate the discomfort of the stone.

All the time we are thinking –“ I need to stop. Take the shoe off. But, I haven’t really got time, and quite frankly it isn’t that bad, just as long as a turn my foot slightly inward, put a bit more pressure on the heel.. and – there we go. Getting along nicely. I’ll deal with it later“.

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am betting you have….

And its sort of funny and ridiculous in equal measure. Yet there is a powerful lesson here. We often find it easier to try and adapt rather than deal with the issue, and as a result we find we are in a new normal. The new normal being; getting by with a stone in our shoe.

This is human nature. It isn’t quite so funny though when we apply exactly the same thinking to our personal and business lives though is it?

And yet we do. Has that stone been in your business shoe so long that you no longer recognise it? Is it the new normal? And believe me – it is there.

Or perhaps it is a recent stone, and you are in the process of normalising it?

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Typically, I find those “stones” can be quite varied in terms of their specific nature but they will fall into one of the following categories:

  • ·       Too much operational / Not enough Strategic thinking
  • ·       Time management
  • ·       Team
  • ·       Financials
  • ·       Systems
  • ·       Marketing and Sales Processes

Often the stone is mindset based. What are you telling yourself about the nature of your business and your involvement in it that isn’t true?

Once we recognise that there is a stone in our shoe – you know the one we have become so used to and adapted around that we didn’t realise it was still there  – then we can take the stone out. And guess what – suddenly we can see not only was there a stone but how difficult or limiting it had become. What a relief!

So how do we find these long-adapted to stones?

Step one – recognise they are going to be there – we have adapted and no longer recognise them or we recognise them and simply feel we have to put up with them.

Step two – let’s go stone hunting. An honest and thorough survey of all areas of business including financial, team, time, marketing and systems management.

Step three – an honest assessment of the results that come back

Step four – work with a coach or mentor to put a plan together to prioritise the changes needed.

Step five – implement the plan. Goals without action become frustrations.

If you suspect you may have several stones in your business shoes then let’s get together and review your business. We’ll find them.

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