Axiom Five Limited, is an ActionCOACH Franchise, trading as ActionCOACH.

Company registration number: 6844794

Data Protection Key Contact: Gil Devlin

The General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, (revised requirements effective 25th May 2018), is a really positive step towards you having more control over how your data is used and how you’re contacted. The changes will help to better protect your personal data.

As part of these changes, you may soon find organisations asking you how you would like to be contacted. As one of our customers, you may be prompted to choose how you would like to receive updates from us on features, products and offers. When you speak to us in the coming months we may also ask for your preferences and whether you wish to remain on our database.

We take your data privacy seriously as we always have. This document outlines how personal information may be collected and used (or not used) and outlines responsibilities and liabilities that correspond to such collection and/or use.

We only collect personal information such as approval date stamp, names, addresses, industry type and contact information when it is voluntarily submitted by our users. The information provided is only used to fulfil your specific request, and shall not be used for any other purpose unless permission is given by the individual who provided the information.

We are in the business of promoting our Business and Executive coaching services.  By completing our sign-up form(s) you give us permission to contact you with legitimate interests relating to; our future offers, sharing news and information via Telephone, Email and other media methods.

You have the right to opt-out of any and all communications from us as well as completely deleting your information records at any time, either by Emailing the data protection officer, select opt-out from any communications received or call the data protection officer on +44 191 389 6910

In addition, you may request a copy of any information maintained about you by us at any time from the data protection officer.

We may only share your personal information with government agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation, and when it is legally required for us to do so. This information is never shared with third-party companies.

Your information may be stored in three places:

  1. On a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (contained within an Axiom Five Ltd owned computer), awaiting import to our CRM or awaiting some form of marketing action, or
  2. Within our CRM system, MailChimp, a cloud based encrypted system.
  3. Within Survey Monkey, a cloud based encrypted system.
  4. On paper, such as where meeting or call notes have been taken.  Or where electronic files supplied by contacts and clients have been printed.
  • Axiom Five computers shall be password protected for access.  Back-ups of the computers are via an external hard drive(s) and kept locked within the company filing cabinet. Passwords are not recorded.
  • Mailchimp Privacy and Security Policy can be found here:
  • Survey Monkey Privacy Policy can be found here:
  • Any paper copies of your information are stored in a locked filing cupboard except when in active use by one of the team.  All paper files are locked away securely at the end of each working day.

Collection of information may occur by the following methods:

  1. Website contact call back, or further information requested page.
  2. Web landing page that requests a call back, further information or seminar enrolment.
  3. Our PMP (phone mail phone) marketing process. This includes purchasing data lists that comply with TPS (Telephone Preference Service) requirements.
  4. Bold calling, cold calling upon business owners and collecting business cards of business owner.
  5. Social Media agreed connections.
  6. Networking events and exhibitions where contacts freely offer out their business cards or complete one of our data capture forms.
  7. Client referrals.
  8. Telephone conversations and face to face meetings where notes are taken.

The marketing process of lead generation does not result in permanent information storage.  Axiom Five Ltd only operates a permission-based legitimate interest marketing process.

  • Information gathered from any of the collection methods above will be entered into a spreadsheet.
  • Telephone or face-to-face contact will be made with named person to explore interest in Axiom Five Ltd services.
  • Where no interest is expressed, that person and all information relating to that person will be deleted from the spreadsheet, (unless that person specifically gives permission to make contact with them in the future within a certain timeframe).
  • Those with interest in services or permission approved call back will be then uploaded in the Axiom Five Ltd CRM. Once uploaded into CRM the details will be deleted from the spreadsheet.
  • Once information is loaded into the CRM, an invite seeking permission will be sent to that person, the invite will consist of the following three options: 1. contact details only maintained on Axiom Five Ltd CRM no marketing, 2. contact details maintained on Axiom Five Ltd CRM and agreed to regular marketing information (this may be categorised), and 3 keep no records whatsoever. In the case of 1 and 2 these will be dual opt-in processes.

Depending upon the opt-in options as specified above:

  1. Maintained only, no marketing.  One to one email or telephone communications.  Typically this kind of contact will be a person that is interested in some form of alliance with Axiom Five Ltd, has agreed to be contacted after a specific time frame, or simply wants to stay in contact but have no regular marketing information sent to them.
  2. Maintained and permission approved; regular marketing activity until advised otherwise.  The type of marketing information may be based upon; geographic location, particular interest in type of service; seminars, clubs, one to one coaching, business improvement tips and associated information.
  3. The CRM system can distinguish between the two different types of maintained contacts.
  4. Those that have given approval to send marketing information may receive marketing from automated systems depending on interest from within the CRM or social media blogs and posts.

In terms of the possible places information may reside:

  • Spreadsheet, no longer than 90 days.
  • CRM system, maintained until opt-out is requested
  • On paper, maintained while we are engaged in a formal contractual arrangement or are in the process of investigating making a formal contractural arrangement.

We may link to or display content from third parties on our web site. Should a user follow such links they would be leaving this web site and no longer be governed by this privacy policy.

ICO GDPR Registration Number: ZA451238