Do you feel powerful…or powerless?

Just like in football, you win in your business by achieving – or scoring – your goals. So the last thing you want to do is score an own goal.

Yet many business owners and directors inadvertently score own goals by giving away their power by personally indulging in unhelpful behaviours. These include blaming situations – such as the economy, the government, Brexit. Or blaming other people, like your team, customers or suppliers for your business not achieving its goals.

Another way of giving away your power is by making excuses – or in the UK we tend to call them ‘reasons’.

Alternatively you might be in denial that there’s something that you need to deal with on a personal level, such as your communication style, lack of consistent management of your people, your habits or your environment. So because you’re in denial you’re not dealing with it.

Managing your team

When I look at my clients who achieve and smash their goals they’ve always empowered themselves to do three things:

Firstly, you take responsibility for the activity that you need to do both directly yourself and indirectly by proactively managing your team to do the work they need to do.

Secondly, you’re accountable – ‘you’re able to count’.  So you’re measuring and monitoring the numbers that drive your business. Every single business that I’ve seen smash their goals on a consistent, long-term basis have been all over their numbers. In some cases, such as a sales-driven business, you’ll want to consider monitoring certain numbers on a daily basis.

And thirdly, you take ownership on a level of doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals – owning your ship as it were. And as a business owner or director, you’re the captain of the ship.

Significant growth will come in your business when you start checking and correcting yourself, instead of blaming others and making excuses.  Take your power back by taking ownership for your business results.

Follow the leader

You might remember playing ‘follow the leader’ when you were a child. Its where a leader is chosen from the group to be head of the line. The rest of the group line up behind the leader and they then have to mimic the leader’s actions, otherwise they’re out of the game.

In your business, your team will follow you and mimic your behaviour. That’s why its so important to avoid disempowering yourself and the rest of your team through blame, excuses and denial.

You’ll only be able to take your business to a certain point without your team acting in the right way. And a team that blame others and make excuses for things not being done becomes a management nightmare for you.

It all starts with you and your own personal development, and very often its also down to your personal time management:

Who do you need to be

In order to do what you need to do

So you can have what you want to have?

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