How to get ahead in business. Statistics indicate around 80% of all new businesses will fail within the first few years. ActionCLUB delivers the strategies, learnings and thought process to develop a resilient business.

The key to long-term survival is to focus on the direction you want your business to move in, and then take massive action!

During the programme you will learn how to…

  1. Achieve more by improving your priority setting and time management skills
  2.  Define your unique selling proposition and turn it into a powerful, competitive weapon
  3. Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills
  4. Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back
  5. Differentiate between cash flow and profit margin
  6. Hire, develop and retain the best people
  7. Create systems that allow the business to run without you


28 Nov - 27 Feb 2020

10.30am to 12.30pm

from £395+VAT

4100 Park Approach , Leeds