"Every business is different.. but be assured, the ActionCOACH process with James will transform your business and your life."

Guy Cohen – MD, OVI Traders

“We saw results within 1 week of coaching, the 1st thing James helped us do is organise the chaos in our business”

PJ Farr – MD, UK Connect Ltd

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“Because being in Business should give you more life”

James Dodd – Multi-Award Winning London Business Coach

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..So you had a brilliant idea for a business and had a vision of what success looked like so you ran with it and you’ve reached a good level of success, but not the one you envisioned when you started out. You might have a nagging feeling “is this it, is this as good as it gets?”

You’ve employed a few members of staff on a needs be basis to help growth (maybe even relatives and friends along the way?!) but feel they are not working to potential and maybe you’re stuck on how to get the best out of them so end up doing it yourself…as that’s the only way you can be sure it’s done properly?

Perhaps you wanted to be “the boss’ but in reality the business is the boss that controls what you do….?

You know there’s another level, maybe that of some of your competitors, maybe a lifestyle you crave but not too sure how to get there? Perhaps you feel you need to compete on price as a competitive advantage but its killing your margins? Perhaps growth is “scary” because you don’t have a plan to sustain it but want more?

You might have hit that weighty glass ceiling that you spend a few hours a week staring through wondering how to break it. You want more fun, a new belief in what’s really possible..perhaps a business that works without you or one where you can just do the bits you enjoy?

As a business coach I have worked with many successful business owners, like you, who have now achieved a far greater level of success, gained more time, more control, better teams and more predictable profits, with a renewed vision and belief in what’s possible and have got more time and fun in their lives.

I can’t promise a magic wand, it takes 100% commitment. With the right attitude and commitment your greater success becomes a matter of “when” not “if”.

If you want to get to that next level of success and want a bit more fun, give me a call on 07710 796759  or email on jamesdodd@actioncoach.comand schedule a call to explore if I’m the right guide  for you and your business?

My #1 focus is helping you get a deeper understanding of your business from the ground up and moving from Chaos to Control

Create a plan to achieve what you thought was once a dream and re-igniting that passion and enthusiasm you had when you started out.

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"We saw results within 1 week of coaching, the 1st thing James helped us do is organise the chaos in our business"

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