Your business is up and running but somehow it is now running you. The Breakout Entrepreneur Programme is your path to business mastery and your guide is Jeff Shrimpton.  For an investment of £300 per month for the next 12 months you can stop the pain and get your business serving you so you have the life you dream of!


£300 per month for 12 months

  1. Business Fundamentals. Where are you going?  Enjoy the clarity of  your vision and  destination plotted out ready to make real. What does your business look like when its finished, what does success feel like for you.  Working IN v ON your business, planning your time, holding inhouse meetings that serve your business.
  2. Getting in your niche. From finding your USP, lead generation and conversion, you will get up to speed with all the marketing essentials.  Master the 5 marketing numbers that matter and really monitor and manage your progress.
  3. Systems and Technology setting up processes to allow for growth, systemisation and automation of routine tasks, how to manuals, what technology could help automate and streamline,
  4. Growing and motivating a winning team how to build an awesome workforce, culture and attitude and winning at both. Training and appraisals, The me v we environment, leadership involvement and engagement.
  5. Financial Mastery really understanding the numbers that run your business. From balance sheet and P&L to cashflow, breakeven, getting predictable cashflow, KPIs, gross and net profit and understanding your most profitable activity.  The true cost of discounting and the immense gains from increasing prices, you will get the full knowledge.
  6. Delivering your Promise productivity and service, consistent standards across the business, ongoing monitoring and analysis, documented workflow charts, really establishing a strong and robust infrastructure and “way of doing things”.

What is included in the Breakout Entrepreneur Programme     

The course will be delivered at Lancaster Court Board Room on the 1st and  3rd Wednesday morning of each month.  Our next programme starts on Wednesday 4th September 2019.  It is packed full of content and support in addition to your training sessions:

  • Full suite of online business learning and personal development resources to back up the personal workshop style learning.
  • The Breakout Entrepreneur Programme is fully CPD approved.
  • 4 x 90 Day planning day (1 each quarter) including lunch and refreshments.
  • Membership of a closed facebook group for ongoing support throughout the 12 months to help with questions and  implementation and further daily learning and guidance from  me as well as networking and learning opportunities from others  on the same journey.   I am here to really get you moving forward in your business growth and my online community is a valued resource for many of my clients but it is optional.

04 Sep - 05 Aug 2020

09.00am to 00.00am

from £3600+VAT