PlanningCLUB… our newest group coaching program – designed to help guide you through the business plan process more  simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before!

Why You Absolutely need a Business Plan…..

Having a working business plan enables you to steer the business with clarity, precision and  purpose and serves as a benchmark for growth. With PlanningCLUB, you  get the  benefit of a business building workshop and ALSO the benefit of a comprehensive business plan  you could take to investors or lenders, and you also get:

  • Exclusive 2-day event for your business only!
  • An interactive workshop perfect for discussion, brainstorming and strategy sessions
  • Training delivered by Award Winning ActionCOACH Jeremy Graham-Clare
  • A professional business planning document that will give you what you need as an effective tool for your own business focus for the next 5 years, further bank funding, Angel investment, bank requirements, suppliers or for keeping shareholders informed structured as 19 separate sections!
  • As this is a limited exclusive event for Business Owners and their senior  management/co Directors, places are strictly limited to a maximum of five attendees. This enables  maximum attention and opportunity for discussion amongst other business peers as  well as with your presenter, Jeremy Graham-Clare.
  • Completion of your Business Plan is on-line which will also enable you to have  access to it after the event.
  • A follow up meeting will be arranged 7-10 days after the workshop with you, where  Jeremy will deliver your bound copy and go through your Business Plan with you.
  • Investment for this exclusive event is £2,500 + VAT per business,  for up to 2 attendees. Additional attendees at £100 + VAT per person.
  • This includes your first 12 month’s access to the software to continue to update your plans  (usually £100 per month).

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It’s a simple fact – businesses with a good business plan do better than those without one. PlanningCLUB is a comprehensive growth program for business owners who want to:

  1. Significantly grow profits
  2. Build trusted teams
  3. Achieve powerful goals
  4. Turn personal dreams into reality
  5. Enjoy their business again.

PlanningCLUB combines coaching, advice and interactive software to help you through the business planning process simply and effectively. The interactive two-day workshop will help you develop your business to give you higher profits, greater cash flow and increased value. Additionally you will also be able to make unlimited amendments to the plan throughout the following 12 months.


At the end of PlanningCLUB you’ll walk away with a 1-year action plan that…

  • Can be presented to banks or investors for funding
  • Makes you accountable, with clear actions and strategies to help you achieve your goals
  • Gives your team strategies to build your profits right away
  • Will get your business to where you want it to be
  • Who should invest in PlanningCLUB?

    PlanningCLUB isn’t for everyone. Check that you meet the criteria:

    • “My business is more than just an idea – I am already in the game”. This business planning session is designed specifically to help good businesses become great.
    • “I am not lower-level management, I’m a decision maker in the company”. A business plan needs complete understanding of your company. For PlanningCLUB to work, you need to be able to make decisions at the highest level.
    • “I am serious about taking my business to the next level”. If you’ve been trying to move your business forward, but are struggling to get beyond a certain point, PlanningCLUB will help you break through the barrier.
    • “I will commit the time need to make this work”. There’s no point starting if you’re not going to be able to see it through. And if time is one of the things you’re struggling with most in your business, then you definitely need to attend PlanningCLUB.

25 Jul - 25 Jul 2019

09.30am to 17.00pm

from £2500+VAT

Ryder House, Holywell Hill, , St Albans

07815 142557