Is consistency the missing piece in your business? Business success relies heavily on maintaining a certain standard of practice, in all areas, over a long period of time.

An inconsistent brand and service could prove detrimental, as it gives your consumer an unprofessional, inadequate and confusing perception of the business.

Consistency plays a significant role in how you interact with your customers, the visuals you use, your marketing strategy and the level of service given.

Consistency enables you to grow your business; it’s the underlying benchmark for all of your strategies and standard operation procedures.

You may be providing a consistent service (friendly team, quick turnaround times, specific guarantees). However, if this level of consistency doesn’t follow through to other areas of your business, the reputation of your business can be tainted.

For example, perhaps your branding is slightly different across your online platforms, or your email signature changes regularly; perhaps your team provide a coherent customer service but are slow to follow-up after a sale has been made.

You may feel like you have all of the correct processes in place, but it doesn’t take much to improve the consistency within your business:

  1. Have a Solid Plan – Consistency begins with a plan

Plan + Take Action + Get Support + Evaluate + Adjust Accordingly

2. Culture Statement – are all of your employees on the same page? Do you all know the ‘mission’ and ‘aim’ of the business and accurately convey this to your end-user?

3. Structure & Processes – are all employees treating each customer in the same manner? Do operations tend to change without much thought? Do you have a particular way of doing things?

4. Marketing – Is your Marketing 100% consistent across the board? i.e. colours, tone, wording, call-to-action, brand name etc.

5. Website – Does your website accurately convey just how great your business is, or is it outdated and unprofessional?

Do you feel somewhat frustrated reading this, knowing it’s easier said than done?

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