Underpromise and overdeliver...?

Have you ever set the bar so high, expected a lot from something, only to be disappointed and left feeling a little down because it didn’t quite reach the high bar you’d set for it?

Perhaps you’ve had an underwhelming experience or been left a little confused after receiving less-than-impressive service? We’ve all been there!

What’s the learning from this? In business, it is important to get the balance right between the guarantees you make and the actual delivery of that service. If you overpromise – offering something more than you can easily capacitate – yet underdeliver, your customer is going to be left feeling confused, misled and let down.

However, if you seemingly overdeliver – quiet confidence, springs to mind – your customer will have a positive experience that sticks in their mind; the kind of experience that prompts them to give positive feedback and refer your services.

Have you ever noticed that reviews tend to be really positive or really negative?

Experiences that hit either end of the spectrum tend to stick in the mind of the customer, causing them to take action i.e. write an online review; make sure your service hits the really positive end of the spectrum by remaining authentic, honest and avoiding over-selling. Follow through on your commitments, know your worth and let the results of your offerings show your true value.