How to Deal with Customer Complaints and Online Negativity

With the rise of Social Media and Social Networking people are, inevitably, airing their grievances online. Not only is Word of Mouth more important than ever, so is responding to negativity, complaints and issues. Responding to online feedback gives you an element of control, enabling you to direct your Brands perception and build your online presence.
From Google Reviews to Facebook Comments, how should you respond to negativity online? 


Show empathy and understanding and take responsibility where appropriate. Use any feedback as a catalyst for any improvements that could be made. Remain visible throughout the process of responding, as this emphasises your level of customer service; shying away from the issue only makes matters worse. 

Respond Quickly

Show your commitment to your customers and to your level of service by responding swiftly to any feedback. Strive for a calm, concise and factual reply. Responding slowly to comments allows for other comments and assumptions to be made.

Take it Offline

Respond politely to any feedback and, if the issue continues, take your conversation offline via a phone call, direct message or email. Writing back and forth on public platforms may damage your brand perception and may encourage others to get involved.

Marketing Manager

Do you have a dedicated Social Media manager? Appoint someone who understands the core values and ethos of your Business. Ideally, your Social Media manager should fully understand each platform, allowing them to monitor your online activity and respond swiftly and efficiently.

It is just as important to respond to positive feedback online too, as this deepens brand loyalty and encourages more positivity from others. When responding to negativity, keep it short, factual and calm, ensuring you respond in good time. If the issue persists, take your conversation offline and ensure it is resolved.

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