Does Email Marketing Work to Win and Retain Customers?

Does Email Marketing Work?
Email marketing is: ’email communications sent to existing or potential customers’.

With a potential return on investment of up to 4400%, email marketing remains the best way to attract and retain customers. Did you know that…

  1. Professionals spend an average of 13 working hours each week in their email inbox
  2. 91% of consumers check their emails daily

It’s no surprise, especially considering the above statistics, that email marketing is a great tool for small businesses, and a popular channel amongst Marketers. It’s cost effective, highly targeted and the R.O.I is easily trackable.

No matter your target audience, email is a great way to reach ‘ideal’ customers and consumers prefer email for communicating with the brands they’re already connected with. Not only does email reach a wider audience, it also plays a large part in the retention of your existing customers.

Consumers prefer emails that contain discounts, deals and important information. With this in mind, your email campaigns should contain relevant, easy-to-digest information and – most importantly – should not clutter inboxes (try not to Spam your contacts with too many consecutive emails).

Email marketing has a number of benefits including increasing brand awareness, cost efficiency and trackable R.O.I. However, certain considerations must be taken into account when creating email campaigns:

  • Provide relevant, concise information using visuals and interactive buttons that link to desired pages within your emails
  • Craft a strong subject line to improve open rates and deliverability i.e personalising the subject line with a first name.
  • Personalise your emails (i.e. First names) to improve customer connection and engagement

Email marketing allows you to interact with your audience whilst promoting your brand. There are ample platforms to choose from to create both a database / customer list and send email campaigns, such asMail ChimporZoom Mail. It is important to track your email marketing results, such as open rates and click throughs, adapting each campaign as you go.

GDPR and Email Privacy

With the recent GDPR updates, privacy issues are more important than ever. Check out this handy GDPR guide for more information on compliancy.

Has email marketing delivered results for your business?