The definition of a successful business is 
‘A commercially profitable enterprise that can work without you having to be there’

With this in mind, could you go on holiday for 2 weeks and come back to a thriving Business, that operates successfully without your input? Or are you so busy working ‘in’ your Business that you are unable to find the time to work ‘on’ your Business?

There are three distinct personalities in any business; the technician, the entrepreneur and the manager. Individually, each personality is absolutely crucial to building a successful business. However, the majority of Businesses are likely to fail when you combine them into an imperfect mix.

three personalities in Business

As a Business Owner, there’s a fine balance between the three. If you are spending all of your time as the technician (i.e. doing all of the work), it may feel like you’ve got yourself just another job, rather than a thriving business that works for you.

As an SME, you have to wear multiple hats and play multiple roles. However, your main focus should be on growing/improving and running the business… being the entrepreneur and the manager. The technician role (the doing) should eventually be left to hired technicians who can deliver the work for you.

How does this work in practice?

  1. Entrepreneurs design a business that can work without them
  2. They then hire managers to run the Business
  3. Technicians are hired to deliver the work
  4. The Business Owner can enjoy a lifestyle that works for them… which is what we all go into Business for in the first place 
Can you relate to being too much of a ‘technician’ in your Business? 

If you are interested in spending an hour working ‘on’ your Business, get in touch with me for an initial chat about how to make your business work for you.