We help business owners turnaround, transform and grow their business.

Small and medium enterprises face unique challenges as they seek to maintain and enhance their market position. Newer competitors with simpler cost structures drive downward price pressures, as bigger players seek to consolidate their position. The result is a squeeze from both sides of the spectrum as you look to maintain your momentum. We can help you find new opportunities for growth.

All our clients begin with a Business Alignment Consultation covering all the six stages essential for building a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without them. The result will be a better aligned, more competitive business. Once we have a clear picture of your current strategic position, we will delve into specific areas ranging from your business plan to the enhancement of your operations and examination of new market opportunities. We can also advise on exit strategy, restructuring or turnaround.

We can specifically assist you with:

  • Refining your target markets
  • Finding new competitive opportunities
  • Shifting your focus to enhance market position
  • Rebranding product and service lines
  • Examining M&A opportunities
  • Updating business systems and strategies
  • Preparing to exit unprofitable market segments
  • Strengthening management team capabilities
  • Identifying and developing high-potentials
  • Restructuring, repositioning or turnaround
  • Planning an exit strategy
  • Opportunities to improve market penetration
  • Tightening sales focus and performance
  • Clarifying your competitive position
  • Enhancing margins, cash flow and profitability
  • Overcoming IT gaps as the company grows
  • Eliminating silos between sales and marketing
  • Talent recruitment, retention and development

Many turnaround specialists focus solely on liquidation planning or creditor-induced restructuring. We focus first and foremost on what you can do to make the business successful. More sales, bigger deals and better customers are the best tools to solve financial or credit crises and return the enterprise to health.

We will work with you to assess lead generation effectiveness from a number of perspectives, including leads generated through your marketing efforts and by your sales teams, as well as the processes by which you target, identify and qualify leads. As a result, you will gain a pathway to improving the depth and impact of your lead generation strategies, while also enhancing your ability to nurture and convert more leads into active sales opportunities.

With our specific expertise in sectors such as financial services, technology services, energy and consumer packaged goods, we can also provide you with enterprise-class corporate strategy, planning for management team development and operational effectiveness, and comprehensive marketing support as you transform the business.