Here to Help During Coronavirus

Corona Virus has caused a huge upheaval in all our working lives and as business owners we are under pressure like never before.   However, the situation doesn’t have to be all negative, if we pull together, get ourselves organised and come out of this fighting.

I would like to offer you a helping hand, if you will let me

  • Could you do with a listening ear during this time?
  • Do you need a sounding board to help you find a new direction for your business?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and just need some help putting a plan of action together to get you through the next few months?
  • Business is still going well and you would like to focus on growing

Would you like a session with me (no charge)? Phone 07952 112432 or email me at  so I can put you in my calendar

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Business Growth Specialist

Owning and managing a business is like running a marathon. Regularly training, using a training plan and working on incremental improvements.   Elite sports men and women work with a coach to help them succeed; it can be the difference between a gold medal and no medal.

As a business owner you face daily challenges which have to be overcome.  Often it can feel like an uphill struggle which can lead to a lack of self-belief and poor work life balance resulting in you working IN rather than ON your business driving it forward.

What is a business coach and what value do they add?

I am a critical friend who will hold you accountable and by doing so will help you to tick off those actions you may have been avoiding
Coaching is suitable for all companies and is particularly effective for those who are already successful and want to drive things to the next level.
It is for business owners who want to take control of their business and shift their focus from working IN to working ON.
You will review all the processes and systems in your business and put together a comprehensive plan to help you streamline and really drive things forward.
The ultimate aim of business coaching is to increase your profits, help you to spend time in the most efficient and effective way, get your team engaged and delivering your goals for you. Does this sound like somewhere you would like to be?

Eric Schmidt

"Everyone needs a Coach"

No one would deny that Google is a successful company. If Eric Schmidt Google’s former CEO says everyone needs a coach, what might you achieve with your own coach?

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