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Clear, common sense thinking and speaking are critical to my approach. Working together we’ll unknot your tightly tangled thought processes. These are often made worse by lack of self-belief, unhealthy working habits, or simply being so closely involved in the business, that you can’t see the truth of what’s happening.

“I insist on clarity and common sense. There’s no substitute. I’ll begin by encouraging you to think about and express clearly your goals, strategies, successes, challenges and processes.”

This usually leads to what I love most about being a business coach – your ‘light bulb moment’ – when suddenly, what seemed shrouded in fog and confusion suddenly becomes crystal clear.

Analysing a business issue and then coming up with proposals and solutions are, of course, vital steps. But – they are nothing without follow-up. Implementation and feedback on the results are equally important.

“Agreeing to implement change is rarely effective without feeding back the results. You will need to be accountable to me as your business coach and to yourself – reporting regularly and systematically on the results of the changes you’ve implemented.”

I put my success as a business coach down to years of experience as a manager and qualified accountant, as well as regular self development by attending management and training courses.

“I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors with hundreds of people from operations and service through to senior management. I spent years in the audit area of a large organisation and especially enjoyed time spent working in manufacturing, retail and public service”

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