Working with you to achieve your goals

As a Business Growth Specialist, Khalil’s mission is to support business owners to:

Work fewer hours

Make more money

Grow their business

Build effective processes 

Create new marketing initiatives

Engage their team effectively to achieve personal goals and business KPIs

Being passionate about everything that he does, Khalil always goes the extra mile to ensure his client’s goals are met. Your success is his success!

Khalil is a senior executive with an MBA in Project Management and over 28 years of experience with both global and local businesses, successfully managing people, budgets and multiple marketing campaigns.  He values being a good partner to his clients by building meaningful relationships in a professional, competent and results-driven manner. 

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google

Everyone needs a coach

Coaching is not only for sports. Everyone needs a coach. If you are a Business owner, celebrity, politician, Global CEO, Artist, Musician, Architect, Plumber, Carpenter, Lawyer, Accountant, Solicitor, or any other profession, you still need someone to give you perspective. Someone, who would see and hear what you are doing, and make sure your message is reaching your prospects.

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