Holding you accountable to achieve your goals.

My name is Khalil Arouni, and I help corporates and business owners meet and exceed their goals.

Professionals and business owners enjoy working with me because I can point them to the best services, resources, and methods for their needs and objectives. 

Despite my business education, my practical experience across different career dispositions sharpened my skills in managing teams, supervising business operations, analysing financial data, designing strategic plans based on forecasts, meeting financial KPIs and providing improvement recommendations. I have demonstrated the ability to work in partnership with management and employees to promote favourable health safety and environment culture. I am confident that my skills and background can be aligned perfectly with the needs of any future-facing organisation.

As your Business Coach, I will be able to guide you, to teach you, to question you, to challenge you and to hold you accountable to achieve your goals, mission and ultimately your vision. 

There are different areas that I usually work with my clients on. Some of these areas are:

  • Marketing / Advertising 
  • Sales 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Systems and performance standards
  • Leadership, Team motivation, especially post the lockdown
  • Supervising business operation
  • Financial KPI setting, analysing and tracking
  • Goal Setting 
  • Accountability and Execution

My clients should be dynamic and visionary, with outstanding business acumen and are willing to change and implement various policies, procedures, and programs to ensure growth and profitability.

I am passionate about everything that I do, and always go the extra mile to ensure my client’s goals are met. Their success is my business!

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Everyone needs a coach

If you want to scale your business, grow your business, make more profits or need a sounding board on how to improve your game, let us have a discussion. I will be able to give you a few tips. Whether you are a Business Owner, a Seasoned Executive, a Middle Management, or Solopreneur, a coach can help.

I will work with you to accelerate their learning and decision making, help them gain clarity during this economic turndown. I have compiled a few testimonials for you to show you how can add value.

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