Wiserways Ltd – Vision, Mission and Values

The Wiserways Way of working wisely, challenging wisely, delivering wisely and developing wise clients who run and grow their businesses wisely. There is always a wiser way of getting things done!

Vision – Be the largest coaching lead business support firm in the UK

Mission – how we reach our Vision

Develop a community of local business owners and business leaders. Become a one stop shop for the local business community. Grow. Work with larger and larger clients whilst facilitating and nurturing small businesses to be world class. Create Wealth. Move toward conscious competence.

Host events, get involved, sponsor, integrate, introduce, add value, inspire, lead, positive ROI always. Give first – receive later. Be the go to people. Challenge complacency, inspire, open peoples eyes, everyone needs a coach – evangelise, change our environment, lead by example,

Recruit and develop great people. We deserve who we get. Celebrate success, crystal clarity of what good looks like for us, our people and our clients. Always seek to help.

Values – How we treat each other on the journey

World Class – we expect to be the benchmark and operate at the highest possible standards. Everything we do is aligned with delivering world class service and being a world class organisation.

Emotion – we are passionate about our clients and stakeholders, we lift each other and the people we come into contact with. We enthuse others and coach on emotion as well as results.

Add Value – adding significant value to our clients is the cornerstone to our success. Challenging and supporting them in equal measure whilst utilising world class tools and techniques to help them achieve their goals is what we are about. Continuous education is the foundation of value add.

Laughter – a business full value of laughter is a team of happy, enthused and positive people who enjoy belonging, enjoy what they do and enjoy where they work.

Team – we believe that together everyone achieves more. We encourage involvement and contribution. Our business is a safe place for people to express themselves and their ideas. If nurturing leadership is the core of our development then work life balance is the tempo for consistent delivery.

Honesty – we either succeed or we learn. Creating and environment of trust, confidence, openness and honesty underpins all other values. This is the gatekeeper to our success.