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Meet The Team

Laurence Duncan

Managing Director - Business Growth Specialist


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Laurence’s approach:

Calm, effective, supportive, collaborative. I know what its like to win in business but I also know what its like to fail. This has given me a great insight into the highs and lows of running your own business. Together we can utilise 23 years of accumulated ActionCOACH knowledge and experience to turn your business into the commercially sound and profitable enterprise it was meant to be.

Laurence’s mission as a Business Coach:
With the right tools, the right attitude and an open mind you can get the results you want and build a long lasting, profitable and sustainable business. As with any good coach, I will have high expectations of you and hold you to account. In return, you can expect the same level of commitment from me.

Matt Bull

Business Growth Specialist


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Matt’s approach:

I help you decide what your success looks like and what you need to get to it. I then coach, educate and motivate you and your employees to achieve it. I love life and love helping people succeed. Success is not easily achieved, but I am all for making the journey fun. Fun is good!

Matt’s mission as a Business Coach:
Every business is different, with each needing an innovative and bespoke toolkit for business success. I have a vision of a world where every business can enjoy sustained growth supported by an engaged workforce. The combination of my experience and approach will grant you the opportunity to achieve the success you want.

Tom Bates

Business Relationship Manager


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Tom’s Mission as a Business Relationship Manager:

Through the core of networking, referrals and client engagement, to develop strategic partnerships with professional service providers. To  identify and diversify opportunity for revenue growth and retention, through broader portfolio offering, strengthen strategic alliance.


Office Support

01509 642974

The office staff work closely and vigorously with the team, to ensure each clients needs are met. Each person is dedicated to help achieve the success of not only Wiserways but of each individual they come into contact with.  They will go that extra mile and they will listen to you and your needs. We all work together to gain the same results.

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