79% of UK professionals say they consider coaching useful for adopting new technologies and ways of working.

New research by City & Guilds Group reveals that effective tutoring is integral to productivity and performance, with 84% of workers saying that coaching should be part of every business’s management and development programme.

City & Guilds Group surveyed over 1,000 UK professionals on their thoughts of coaching in the workplace. The research demonstrates the huge benefits of coaching for companies as they adapt to the future world of work.

According to the study, 76% of employees believe coaching is helpful when going through periods of change. 79% say it’s useful for adopting new technologies and ways of working. In addition, two thirds (64%) of those surveyed say that coaching has already become important in facilitating inter-generational working.

The research also reveals that companies that don’t provide this valuable tool risk leaving employees feeling undervalued.

Demonstrating the capacity of an independent coach to benefit businesses more widely, respondents who have received the service cite improved confidence, performance and productivity. These were three of the most important positive changes witnessed for themselves, others and their wider team and organisation.

Coaching is vital for any business to survive and thrive, with the latest research providing calculable evidence for this. Don’t risk your business success and your team’s happiness; invest in coaching.

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