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Have you built the life you want?

If you’re a business owner based in the Rugby, Coventry, Daventry or Lutterworth area, are you building a business that will give you the life that you want to live?  Who’s helping you do that effectively?

Think of sports people trying to achieve their goals.  Can you think of one successful sportsperson who doesn’t have a coach?  Their coaches help them make the necessary tweaks to ramp up their performance from good to great.  The more successful  the sportsperson, the more important their coach is to them.

It’s just the same in business.

If you spend the next ten years repeating what you’re doing now, will anything change?

If you want to ramp up your business performance from good to great, a coach will help you get there.

We will help you identify the tweaks that will make your business more profitable, get your teams working as effectively as possible, and allow you to spend less time working in the guts of the business.

Coaching will get you to the point where you have options, financial freedom and time.  What you do with all of those, is up to you.

Our clients are already getting great results

With results like growing profit by 400% to tripling the size of their teams, our business owner clients are investing their profits in property, spending more time with their families and ticking off their bucket list items.  What would you do?

If you want to find out more about how you can:

  • Build a great team
  • Work fewer hours
  • Make more profits

Pick up the phone for a free, no obligation, half-hour chat with the team at ActionCOACH Rugby & Coventry: 01788 297 004





My goal is to help make the Coventry & Rugby area the number one place in the country to do business

Coventry, Rugby, Lutterworth and Daventry – centrally situated, making it easy to do business anywhere in the country. We want to make this the number one area in the country to have a business. We’ve already got a thriving community of business owners who are well networked and focussed on helping each other. I want every one of those business owners to have access to coaching that will support them at whatever level they’re at. From start ups, trying to get the fundamentals in place, to those companies that have grown as much as they can with the business owner working IN the business, coaching is there to help those owners take the next steps.

Our aim is that there’ll be a coach and support services available at an appropriate investment level for every business owner in the area.

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Why use a coach

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