Being in business should give you more life .... not take it away

Your company is growing but so are your problems! Your business was meant to give you the gifts of freedom and money but now it has become a monster; draining you of energy, robbing your time and creating unwanted stress and worry.  The team that you had once dreamed of having, now seems to be an anchor holding you back. As they struggle to accept responsibility, you feel unable to let go and you now spend most of your time reacting to what happens in your business! This is not what leadership is meant to look like and deep down you know it.

The question is; how long do you want to spend in this ‘no mans’ land’, existing but not really living…. or would you rather have a commercial, profitable enterprise that will work without you?

Guiding and educating the business owners I work with to control their business so they can enjoy life.

I bring over 30 years of varied work experience including management, customer service, team building, sales and marketing. As an MA qualified educator with years of experience in adult coaching, business training and development, I use a variety of methods and platforms to achieve goals and I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for life long learning with you.

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“My gross profit was minus something before we stared with Action Coach… in reality, I was losing money on every job…this month we turned over 200 thousand.”

Barry Randall, MD Leicestershire Garden Design

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